• Cryosurgery

    Due to low cost and easy surgical procedure it is extremely popular across the globe. Actually liquid Nitrogen is used in extremely low temperature to destroy cancerous and non cancerous skin lesions. When Cryosurgery used by properly trained and experienced physician then it can remove a lesion with good cosmetic result.


  • Electrodessication

    In this surgical procedure electric current is delivered via needle shape electrode to superheat the skin in pin point precise area, it is fast and simple office based procedure.


  • Mole Removal

    Mole occurs in our skin, when Melanocytes grows in cluster instead of being spread out through the skin. Melanocytes makes the pigment that give skin its natural color. A single mole is called nevus and multiple moles are called nevi. Normal moles or nevi have the following characteristic.

      • It may be round or oval in shape.
      • They may be range in color as brown or black
      • Their size can range from barely visible to quite large.

    If you want to remove your mole then visit our clinic, here we offer following treatment for Mole removal.

    • Electro Surgery- A physician shaves the moles with scalpel then destroys the tissue below the surface with electric needle.
    • Laser Surgery – A dermatologist uses special laser to destroy nevi tissue.


  • Phototherapy

    In phototherapy Ultra Violet light is used to treat the skin disease.

  • Warts and Skin Tag Removal

    Human Papillomavirus (HPV) cause of Wart. Actually there about 130 types of HPV. It is contagious and occurs, whenever infected person in close contact with each other.

    Types of Warts:


    • Common – Common Warts occurs usually in hands. Common Warts is raised warts with rough surface that can occur anywhere on the body.
    • Flat- Flat Warts are smoother, flatter and smaller than common warts. It generally occurs in face. This type of warts is more common in children than man.
    • Plantar- Plantar warts appear as flesh color and it occurs on the bottom of the feet.
    • Genital- Genital warts appear in the pubic region. It generally occurs in vagina or around the anus. It appears as red or pink dots. Genital warts usually grow in cluster two, three and more. Mild itching, pain and bleeding can occur.
    • Treatment of Warts- Warts are generally harmless but Genital warts should take seriously. In our clinic you will get several options for treatment of warts.
    • Medication- Some medication can be applied to help it to form a blister and fall of. Drugs like Bleomycin are injected into Warts to kill the virus.
    • Freezing- In this treatment liquid Nitrogen is used to freeze the Wart. A blister forms around the warts and the dead tissue fall off within the weeks.
    • Minor Surgery – This treatment is used when other treatment does not work, in this surgical procedure wart is cut away and base of the wart is destroyed with electric needle.
    • Laser Surgery- In this procedure intense beam of lights are used to burn and destroy wart tissue.



  • Tattoo Removal

    Marks of Tattoo are stubborn, so people adopt different makeshift to remove it. In our clinic you will get best treatment of this. We use dermatologic laser technology is used significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo. The clearing mechanism takes several weeks.


  • Radio surgery

    This treatment is offered by many at high cost, but you will get it in our clinic at reasonable price. In Radio Surgery high frequency current of 1.5 to 4.5 MHz is used to treat many skin problems. Frequency of 3.8 MHz is used to treat lesion. Radio surgical units consist of transformer, electrode and ground plate. The radio waves generated, travel from the electrode tip to the lesion and returned to unit through the ground plate.

    Why You Should Go For Radio Surgery from Our Clinic-

    Radio surgery is one of the successful methods to treat various skin problems; you will get best treatment in our clinic under supervision of expert at reasonable price .It has following advantage.


    • Lesser operating time.
    • Rapid healing.
    • Minimal or no bleeding
    • Aesthetically pleasing scar or no scar.



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Surgery is ultimate option of every disease. Skin diseases and other problem require special surgical attention. As mole is consider as common marks or consider as birth marks, it seems quite normal but some people don’t like it. We offer Mole Removal Surgery at reasonable price. People who belongs to fashion world they are fond of tattoo but marks of tattoo is stubborn you can get rid of it easily so we also remove tattoo by special surgery. Warts and skin tag are common sign of aging basically there are four types of warts as flat, common, plantar and genital; in order to treat all those we offer laser surgery, minor surgery, freezing and medication. We have Best Surgery Specialist Doctor in Indirapuram Ghaziabad thereby you will get safe and secure surgical procedure. Apart from all , we have Phototherapy Surgery and Cryosurgery Centre in Indirapuram.

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