Lip Augmentation

  • Lip Augmentation

    Lip Augmentation is type of cosmetic surgery or non surgical procedure that aims to improve the appearance of lips by increasing their fullness through enlargement. Cosmetic deformities of the lips include both congenital and acquired etiologies and some patients develop adequate fullness in their lips.

    • Treatment – Some patients have had thin lips all their lives and they would like to enhance their lips to bring them to a more normal size in artistic symmetry with the rest of their face. Other patient simply would like to have their lips accentuated for the purpose of making them more full or voluminous.
    • Side Effect – Short-term swelling and redness lasting 24 hours is common, although often there is no down time at all. Sometimes transient bruising lasting a few days occurs.


  • Cheilitis

    Chapped lips usually appear dry, scaly and may have one or more small cracks. Often the lips are sensitive, and there may or may not be redness and swelling present.


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Lack of moisture you often face chapped lips or dry lips our skin need moisture thereby you will get all solution of problem. Good news for models and celebrities whose lips are beautiful. You will get best care of your lips. Skin of men and women are different skin of men is little tougher than women so we provide separate treatment for Men and Women. You will get treatment from Lip Care Specialist Doctor. We have chemical peels and injections; here you will get Lip augmentation and Cheilitis. We are best Lip Care Centre in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad we offer these treatment at reasonable price.

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