Laser Treatments

  • Skin Resurfacing

    With advancement in medical science, it gives us plenty of options. In clinic of Dr Jagruti, you will get world class laser skin resurfacing technique. This is very effective for many skin problems as sign of ageing, wrinkles, sun damaged skin and so on.

    • Usually laser is used to reduce Acne, wrinkle and other minor skin imperfection, especially around mouth and eyes. It will improve Acne scars and sun damaged skin.
    • Laser treatment is alternative of chemical peels and Dermabrasion it is painless treatment which helps patient to fast recovery even in most of the cases it is not so costly.
    • We have no doubt to say that laser skin resurfacing is best alternatives, literally it depends on plenty of factors as skin imperfection, types of skin problem it gives fast result. In most cases only one treatment is required, initial redness of the skin fades in few weeks to light pink, which can be camouflaged with cosmetics. The discoloration usually disappears in one month. The goal of laser resurfacing is to enhance facial appearance.


  • Age Spot Removal with Laser Therapy

    Laser treatment is one of the famous treatments across the globe. This is very effective for many skin problems as to remove age spot, acne, liver spot, and sun spot on the skin. The laser causes pigment to break up and disappear leaving you with smooth and softer skin. Although plenty of questions runs in your mind before laser treatment for instance –

    • Does laser treatment hurt?- Well it is painless treatment; probably you may face minimal pain.
    • No of treatment required- Usually one treatment is required, but it depends on type of skin problem and its complication, in this scenario more than one treatment may suggest you.
    • How long treatment does take? – Usually laser treatment takes only few minutes.
    • Will the spot return after treatment? – No, definitely not usually laser removal of age spot is permanent; however people do sometime see new spots appear as they go back out into the sun.
    • Are these treatment is safe? – Laser treatment is one of the best treatments for many skin problem; millions of doctors are using this treatment it only target the affected area of the skin and it is one of the safe treatment of the skin.


  • Tattoo Removal

    Young generation are fond of tattoo, it is now modern fashion. Marks of Tattoo are stubborn so it is very difficult to remove, but in our clinic you will get laser treatment to remove tattoo.
    Dermatologic laser technique is significantly is used to remove or lighten the marks of tattoo in this treatment ink particle part of the Tattoo is targeted of the laser light. Since beam of laser light is highly concentrated so natural cleansing and detoxification of the body eliminate tattoo from your body. This clearing mechanism takes several weeks larger ink particle may require multiple treatment. You have to take four to eight week of treatment in order to get rid of complete mark of Tattoo. Immediately after treatment, the tattoo will have slight discoloration and the area around tattoo could have some mild swelling. You will not experience a special side effect it will not harm your skin, after treatment you may face loss of normal skin color or whitening of the skin but your skin will returns its natural tone within three months.


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Nowadays Laser treatment is used to cure different diseases. Because it takes little time and you may face mild pain but it is very effective. It gives effective result in short span of time and it is famous all over the globe. To get rid of skin diseases Laser treatment is playing vital role. If you adopt chemical peels, injection and pills to solve skin related problem then it may costly for you even it takes plenty of time, but still not guarantee that you will get best result. Clinic of Dr. Jagruti will provide you best Laser Treatment in Indirapuram Ghaziabad at affordable price. Many skin related problem as anti aging treatment, age spot removal and tattoo removal you will get best result. You just need to undergo from one or two laser surgery after that spot will never back again. Here we have team of Laser Surgery Specialist, who will give you safe and secure treatment. We are running this clinic from past seven years, in these seven years we treated many patient, laser treatment has not any kind of side effect.

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