Eye Treatments

  • Eyelash Extension

    Eye lash extension is also known as grafting lash, this will enhance volume, thickness, curl and length of your lash. You will get here different color. This is perfect for bride, models and actress. Lash grafting lashes are lightweight and will look and feel soft and natural.


  • Eye Lash Curling

    This will like icing on cake on your beauty, your beautiful eye will look more beautiful than others. Using an eyelash curler creates a curl to the eyelash. In some instance it helps with your vision and creates a wide open and less tired appearance.


  • Eyelash Lengthening

    Dr. Jagruti,s clinic not only treat skin diseases; even we also cares of your beauty so in our clinic you will get best result. As eyelash lengthening is now modern fashion so we prescribe solution to improve the length, thickness and darkness of natural eyelashes.
    This treatment is as simple as putting eyeliner; literally growth of human hair is cyclic process whereby the hair follicle undergoes period of growth, transition and rest. In response to stimulus new hair shafts are formed within the hair follicles resulting on the growth of eyelashes. You will get longer and thicker eyelash for a long period; our ingredients will stimulus hair growth and hair follicle by increasing the growth phase and reducing the resting phase of the growth cycle. Usually you will feel change in your eyelash within four weeks but for best result continue this treatment for 16 weeks.


  • Under Eye Dark Circle

    Dark circle under eye are common these days, plenty of reason behind it as irregular sleeping, tea, coffee, overnight work and so on. In our clinic you will get best result after eight or ten weeks of continue treatment.


  • Under Eye Bagging Swelling

    Under eye bagging problem is another common problem among masses. Swelling can cause your face to look older, in some cases it disturb your skin tone due to presence of blood in bag. It is very easy to identify it appears as swelling under eyes and it looks as black or purple color.

    Causes – It can happen due to in sufficient sleep at night because capillaries are filled with blood while sleeping. Well, you may face wide range of problem, ranging from harmless heredity to serious allergies.
    Treatment –In our clinic you will get best treatment; we offer chemical peels and laser treatment of this problem; laser resurfacing and chemical peels tighten the skin it will reduce the swelling and remove the dark spot so you will get glowing and charming skin at reasonable price.


  • Under Eye Pigmentation

    Hyperpigmentation is characterized by dark spot under some particular areas due to overproduction of pigment is known as Melanin. It is relatively harmless but for cosmetic reason it is nuisance to those who have it.
    Hyperpigmentation is result of either of two occurrences first is due to over production of melanin by Melanocytes and second is when Melanocytes are hyperactive for instance whenever our skin is exposure to skin, sun exposure stimulate the production of Melanin.

    Causes of Hyperpigmentation-


    • Overexposure to sun
    • Heredity
    • Hormonal change
    • Inflammation and skin injuries such as Acne Vulgaris.


    In our clinic you will get laser treatment of Hyperpigmentation. This treatment may highly effective for some may not work for others. Consult your Doctor to find out if laser treatments are right for you.


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Eyes are precious one; you see this beautiful world by your beautiful eyes. So you should take care of your eyes. With passage of time we are observing plenty of disease; lack of proper rest or sleep you are facing problems as under eye dark circle, under eye bagging swelling, under eye fine line and wrinkles and under eye pigmentation. In clinic of Dr. Jagruti you will get all solution of your problems. We also offer various beauty treatments like eye lash curling and eye lash lengthening this will upgrade your beauty. Models and celebrities are fond of fashion so we give safe and secure treatments of eyes. We have experienced team of doctors who will suggest you Best Eye Care Treatment in Indirapuram Ghaziabad. Visit our clinic definitely you will get solution of your problem.

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